Luxury Healthy Stainless Steel Outdoor Vacuum Water Bottle

Luxury Healthy Stainless Steel Outdoor Vacuum Water Bottle

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Luxury Healthy Large Capacity Stainless Steel Outdoor Vacuum Water Bottle 1000ml And 800 ml

  • This Thermos bottle is suitable for school, office, travel and exercise.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Thermos bottle There is a sturdy strap on the thermos flask, which means you can carry the bottle easily.
  • All materials are exposed to water, which is a food to ensure your healthy life.
  • Closed lid to avoid leakage, lock design to keep water temperature up to 24 hours.
  • Whether tilted or reversed, riding or participating in outdoor activities does not leak water, giving you a sense of comfort.
  • Capacity: 800ml and 1000ml
  • Size 1000ml(24.3cm),800ml(23.2cm)
  • Leak-proof/slip-proof/sweat-proof: You can use it with confidence because it has a structure that will not leak even if you put it in a backpack or bag. The surface of the main body is coated with non-slip powder, so it can be easily grasped even with sweaty or wet hands.
  • With handle and carabiner: When you have a lot of luggage or go out, it is very convenient to carry it on your bag or belt. It is very suitable for outdoor activities such as going out and climbing.
  • Wide mouth and large capacity: a wide mouth type that can easily accommodate ice cubes made by a household ice maker and is easy to use. The large capacity of 800ml / 1000ml can completely replenish water for a whole day.
  • Applicable to a variety of scenarios: not only for bicycles and sports, but also for schools and offices. You can enjoy sports drinks and other drinks comfortably. Unisex, rich in colors, simple and stylish design, never get bored.
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1 x Water Bottle

30 days guarantee

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