LS JAWLINER 2.0 (2 pieces)

LS JAWLINER 2.0 (2 pieces)

LS JAWLINER 2.0 (2 pieces)

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LS Jawliner lets you exercise your MOST VISUAL BODY PART without needing to break a sweat, wherever you are.

The LS Jawliner is a face exercise product that helps strengthen and tone your facial muscles. Train and grow your jaw muscles by just chewing on itGet a more defined face and bring back your youthful look


That's exactly how you get a sharp jawline!

Like all other muscles in your body, the jaw muscles are grow when are stimulated by effective, accurately training exercises. Precisely for this purpose we have developed the LS Jawliner. It consists of 100% free food grade silicone and is hard enough to train the masticatory muscles properly. 10 minutes of daily chewing training with the LS Jawliner is sufficient to detect a visible growth of the jawline muscles in a very short time.

87% of us love strong jawlines


This is Your Advantage

study carried out over the past decade has shown that in 94% of cases, our face is the main responsibility for the prejudices that are attributed to us. If you know it, you can use this information to your advantage.


LS Jawliner is also for women

LS Jawliner is not just for men. It is also for women who also want to feel beautiful and confident with a beautifully shaped face.


How to use LS Jawliner?

  • Before workout 1st make sure you wash LS Jawliner in water.
  • Put LS Jawliner bite on the back teeth (last 2-3 teeth in the back) and start chewing
  • Chew for a minute or until you get tired and change sides, then relax for few seconds and go again.
  • Repeat this cycle for about 10-15 minutes per day, every other day
  • After a while you will be able to tailor training plan to your needs.

LS Jawliner - does it really work ?

  • Face fitness equipment is proven method to strengthen and tighten jaw muscles in a very short time.
  • Studies confirmed association of a facial exercising with the improved younger appearance of the face and neck
  • It will give your jaw a more distinctive look
  • LS Jawliner is alternative to expensive face lift surgery or botox
  • Different stages of hardness will allow you to properly train your masticatory muscles
  • Thanks to exercises, the skin will be firmer and more elastic and will slow aging
  • If you haven't been born with chisell jaw - get one with LS Jawliner.



✔ Carry-case to train wherever you want

✔ Resistance 50lb 

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